We have started developing diagnostic tools for the Saab.

Download the LH2.4 Schematic and interact with it. As you click on the components, a window will open up and show you where the component is located and what it looks like. If you all like it , Please send your suggestions to


This programming environment will allow me to give you a step by step procedure on diagnostics and repair function With real pictures and a finger pointing at the right connection and so on. We can do simple task as well as complicated job functions. If you have a 9000 and think your automatic transmission has just bit the dust ... Wrong ...We can show you how to fix it. With this Technology and the web You can now have a interactive program. Just down load them as you need. If enough of you are willing to make it worth my while , ... LOOK for great things to come. The LH2.4 system was present on 88- NA and 89- Turbo Saabs of classic design.


The LH2.4 and APC Diagnostics is Free and may be distributed. It is however the intellectural property of Thomas D. Townsend , Townsend Imports.

Down Load Now:

APC HTML "Test Drive here and now"

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