Over Heating Protection

It's a increasing problem among the general public, to drive their expensive late model cars under conditions of mechanical failure and the engine over heating. Doing so will cause at least $1000.00 in damage and a great deal of inconvenience. It is also very possible and likely that you will destroy the Motor that will cost thousands. If you don't think so .... Call your mechanic and ask how much to put a motor in your car!

If the motor survives enough to get by with a Head Job .... All the rubber parts, such as seals, belts and hoses are stressed and aged to the max. Rubber turns to plastic and both shrink. A good example are the engine oil seals. The fluids such as engine oil and TRANSMISSION fluid should be changed immediately. Any time oil exceeds 300 degrees F, It needs to be Dealt with. Further more the structure of the metal in the motor changes. Piston rings loose their tension. In the old days of the economy Japanese cars, when a fry job came in ..... I use to throw the head in the trash. It was a bad case of gamble if you tried any repairs on them. If the head was repaired ... the valve seats fell out some months later, if it even made it out the front door. Saabs "B" motor was no exception. There was a 99% chance the head cracked and not visible to the eye.

In a effort to protect the modern day investments of these expensive cars especially those driven by the aging and kids, I have seen a need to design and implement a safety back up system that will warn of engine too hot and before it reaches critical .... to shut the motor OFF.

This system can be fitted to all Gas Model Cars.

The controller to this system can be purchased separately to control the turn on points of the radiator fan in the - 94 9000's

For more information and price, Email SaabMaster@TownsendImports.Com